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Travel Writer | Exploring every country in the world, one adventure at a time
Travel Writer | Exploring every country in the world, one adventure at a time.

Family Fun: the Summer Season at the Waldhaus Sils

I had the great good fortune to stay at the Waldhaus Sils , one of the Swiss Historic Hotels last September, when the 2012 summer season was still in full swing, with cow bells ringing out in the perfect, clear sunny mountain air. The Waldhaus is proud of its rich heritage, which it absolutely should be considering that this is its 106th summer…! I...
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Dodge Clubbing for Cretaceous Creatures at the Thalassa Museum, Agia Napa, Cyprus

Cyprus Boats
Cyprus Museum
Cyprus Elephants Hippos
How often do you get to go into a museum with no-one else in it? We were rather thrilled to fossil record onwards. The three storey structure is very architecturally appealing, partially constructed of wood, marble and onyx. It’s open every day during the summer season and even during the winter season only closes on Sundays. There’s some (limited)...
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Guest Post: Rhiannon Adam's Polaroids and Memories of Margate

"Dreamlands, Wastelands" - Polaroid emulsion lift on paper
4. Bucket Girl
6. Dreamland
Tombstoning, Margate

I couldn't be happier to present this guest post from the frighteningly talented and multi-hyphenated Rhiannon Adam. Margate. You know the name even if you’ve never visited. Those two syllables conjure up the hackneyed stereotype of the British seaside: slightly gaudy, worn around the edges, laced with cheap thrills. Margate is all that, it’s true....
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My New Highlights of Tuscan Cuisine

As with so many towns in Versilia, Camaiore has understated charm. The attractions and the really complex and committed culinary practices reveal themselves over time.  A recent trip with Wish Versilia ensured that my knowledge as well as waistline was expanded. As a  previous resident of Milan and frequent visitor to other culinary capitals of Ita...
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Gombitelli: Lardo and Language Islands

As the minibus climbed higher into the hills on its ways to the beautiful Versilian village of Gombitelli, the views of the valley and sea below began to take on a slightly misty look. This is the famous “Tuscan haze”, where at this time of year, the amount of pollen from the greenery everywhere gives each landscape the sheen of Renaissance art. Ar...
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Guest Post: Retaste Spain by Anna Torres

Retaste Spain logo
Retaste Spain
Retaste Spain paella
I’m thrilled to publish this guest post from Anna Torres, who has developed a really innovative e-commerce site,  Retaste Spain , which allows foreign tourists to “retaste” Spain, from home. Retaste Spain , by Anna Torres Retaste Spain  believes that good things never come to an end if something reminds you of them. It allows tourists that have vis...
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Haddon Hall, Derbyshire's Most Beautiful House

Spring 2013 063
Spring 2013 064
Spring 2013 065
Spring 2013 076
Spring 2013 062
Spring 2013 044
Tucked away in Bakewell in Derbyshire lies what Simon Jenkins described as “the most perfect English House to survive from the Middle Ages”. It’s owned by Lord Edward Manners, who also owns the wonderful nearby hotel/restaurant, the Peacock at Rowsley . Haddon Hall has belonged to the Manners family for over 800 years and they’ve had the good sense...
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Limassol and Lefkara

Cyprus Skull
Cruel Coral
Limassol (Lemessos) is the second biggest city in Cyprus, with all the associated pluses and minuses that you might expect. After negotiating kilometres of nondescript suburbs, albeit with some lovely sea views, you reach the old town. It’s classic Med: scooters roaring by, alleyways with ancient guys smoking and drinking at rickety tables, parrots...
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Visit Cyprus Now

Cyprus Roof
Cyprus Elephants Hippos
Cyprus Villa
I’ve just come back from Cyprus, and whilst I’ll be writing several detailed pieces on different areas and attractions, for starters I wanted to put out a simple plea: go there. Now. Of course, there are purely pragmatic reasons to head to Cyprus. The current crisis has created an environment of good deals, and availability of accommodation is bett...
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Qatar Airways: The World's Best Airline?

Ireland and Qatar 157
Ireland and Qatar 199
Ireland and Qatar 200
Ireland and Qatar 198
We flew Qatar Airways recently in order to spend a week in Doha. Our expectation were, ahem, *sky high*, given the accolades that they've won, including World's Best Airline Awards at the World Airline Awards in both 2011 and 2012. First signs were good, with generous legroom and reasonably comfy seats. The crew are friendly but harassed. Unaware h...
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