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Countries that Electra has visited


I wanted to start keeping track of the countries that my children are visiting, and it was more straightforward to start the tally with the three year old, Electra:

  • Canada (in utero)

  • Belgium (in utero)

  • USA

  • France

  • Greece (Rhodes)

  • Egypt

  • Turkey

  • Luxembourg

  • Malta

  • Poland

  • Bahamas

  • United Arab Emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi)

  • Italy (Sardinia)

  • The Maldives

  • UK

  • Qatar

  • Cyprus

  • Lithuania

  • Spain (mainland)

  • Monaco

  • Spain (Mallorca)

  • Italy (mainland)

  • San Marino

  • Macedonia

  • Kosovo

  • Greece (mainland)

  • Romania

Summer 2012 257
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