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Five Things for a Londoner to like about Bishkek

1) For UK nationals there are no VISA requirements or entry restrictions for a trip of less than 60 days' duration. Anyone familiar with travel in the former USSR will understand what a fabulous luxury this is. The passport control at Bishkek airport seems to be absolutely super too, fast and friendly. Again, compare and contrast with some of its near neighbours.

2) The museums are incredibly cheap and, a relief after one too many overcrowded trips to the British Museum recently, completely empty

3) When you're having a meal, and you've just taken your second large mouthful, no-one rushes up to you and asks you if "everything is going ok with your meal so far?" If you pause for breath, no-one asks you if you're "still working on it".

4) With the exception of my own two kids of course, Kyrgyz children might be the cutest children in the whole world.

5) Lagman. Sour, spicy noodles. Perfection.
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Tuesday, 25 February 2020