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Get Fruity on the Go!

Since those lovely folks at Get Fruity sent me some sample bars, writing about them has become almost emblematic of the madcap months I’ve been having. As I am finally getting my life and my blog back, it’s great to give them the positive write up that they deserve.

First they came with me to Gdansk, Poland, where the majority of them rapidly got munched about town.



The plan was to take the remaining bars to the Florida Keys. Then paranoia set in about whether it was ok to bring a fruit-based product into the United States. They ended up staying at home.

All was not lost because on our return they enjoyed a pleasant trip to the Sussex countryside.

Get Fruity bars are vegan, dairy free, 100% natural and have no added refined sugar. Despite all this, they are incredibly tasty and satisfying. The Moist Mixed Berry is a favourite for me and my daughters, with a lovely mix of cranberries, blackberry, blackcurrant and coconut oil.

My husband is gluten free and a connoisseur of all such bars, and he places Get Fruity firmly ahead of all the competition in the market – especially the mango bar.

Regular readers will know that I have three children including a very small one. These bars are really great for journeys and lunchboxes too. And posing with, which is what Electra does best.



All good things must come to an end, though, and until our next supermarket shop, this is the last Get Fruity. It's been a wild ride!

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Saturday, 20 January 2018