With my lifestyle, always on the road, I keep a nigh-on fanatical look-out for any gadgets or techno shortcuts to make my life easier.

Courtesy of its charismatic inventor, Cliff Thier, one such item has appeared in my life recently, the Vector Cupholder. It's really lightweight, but durable. It's got a great little turn and click mechanism to secure it in place. It's virtually impossible to tip over so you can wave goodbye to catastrophic splashes and spills on your keyboard.

It looks really cool, too.


(I'm not sure if I'm using it to best effect be attaching it to my Louis Ghost chair, but I like it there). I always seem to be balancing notebooks on my lap and tipping tea or coconut water over myself, but now it's easy wherever I am to have a stable beverage receptacle. I'd recommend this product, and I'm always very open to new travel products too, so do let me know if you've inventedĀ  or enjoyed anything really novel and special.


Phileas French