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The Best Hiking and Camping Locations of the Faroe Islands


If you are an adventure traveler and would like to get close to nature, you should check out what the Faroe Islands has to offer. From amazing bed and breakfasts to stunning campsites and amazing views, there are plenty of places to explore. If you have always wanted to visit this island, you will absolutely love the tranquility and peace you will find there. Below you will find a few tips on how to plan your journey and choose your camping and hiking locations.

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Hiking Trails of Villingardalsfjall

This is an ancient settlement and has stunning views. You will find an old rectory nearby, and plenty of poets and artists spent time in the area. You will need to go uphill by a stone wall, that will prevent the farm animals from entering the tourist route. You will find local guides will help you find the best spots to take a landscape photo or a panorama picture. Whether you would like to stay in a bed and breakfast or a campsite, you will have plenty of options to choose from.



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This flat summit is the highest mountain, and it has its own unique ecosystem. You will have to climb to the flat peak of 880 meters, but the scenery from Slaettaratindur will be worth it. You can actually see 18 of the surrounding islands on a clear day. Whether you are looking for fresh air, tranquility, or an opportunity to connect with nature, this peak is a must. Due to the lack of settlements and civilisation, you might be better off to get a local guide or join a hiking group. Camp outside and watch the sun set and rise behind the peak.

Oynadarfjordur to Eldvik

This hiking trail is popular among outdoor lovers. You will love the old village of Oynadarfjordur where you find traditional shops and eateries. Once you reach the school building, you will find the path that leads you to Elduvik. The hike will only take about an hour, and many people choose to stay in the area so they can explore more. Campsites are numerous, as well as water and electricity connection points, due to the remote location. If you need to update your hiking and camping kit, you might want to learn more about  swags and camping equipment to take with you.

Across Suduroy

If you would like to cover the length of Suduroy North to South, you will have to start off at Myrarnar road just on the west side of Sandvik. You will be sure to spot the cairns leading you up to the mountains. Sandvik is one of the oldest villages of the Faroe Islands, and you will see many more traditional places on the route, such as the Hvalba-Trongisvagur, which is the only place on the Faroe Islands where coal mining is permitted. This is a longer hike, and will take around 16 hours, so take your camping equipment with you to stay overnight.


If you are looking for natural beauty and amazing hikes, you must check out some of the campsites on the Faroe Islands.


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