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The Giant's Causeway, Ireland


We had an incredible trip to Ireland recently - me, my Mummy, one of my godfathers, David Taylor, and Electra. We stayed in Belfast but one day we drove to the Giant's Causeway. I had seen some pictures of it online but there was no way I could imagine how amazing it actually was!


We drove for about an hour and a half through really green countryside, listening to Irish music on the car radio. When you get to the Causeway there is a cool visitor centre. There is lots of stuff for children. There is a cave you can stick your head into and a giant's voice talks to you really loudly! David had been there before because he is from Ireland but none of the rest of us had. Mummy liked it so much that she joined the National Trust.


We took a little bus on the way because we were not sure if the walk was too long for Electra. The first time you see the Giant's Causeway is amazing, it's so crazy with all the volcanic basalt columns. I learned that there are over 40,000 of them. Also that the Giant's Causeway is one of only two UNESCO natural World Heritage Sites in the whole of Britain! (The other one is the Jurassic Coast).


We climbed on the stones as far as we could out to sea, looked at rock pools and tried not to fall over! Electra was obsessed by finding a leprechaun and said she thought she saw two little leprechauns in a green boat floating away under a big rock out of sight.


We had been told that the Giant's Causeway was magical and after going I would definitely agree.


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