The Waldhaus Sils outside St Moritz is hands down one of the most characterful and extraordinary places I have ever had the chance to stay, and rave about in writing. I have not been able to stop thinking about it since I visited. It's the kind of place where most of the guests have obviously been coming back for their fix for year upon year. The Waldhaus Sils is proud to be one of the Historic Hotels of Europe, and is also proud of the (literally) prominent position it has occupied in the village of Sils-Maria for over a century.

Waldhaus Indian summer 2

There are so many thoughtful touches for guests. Most guests can choose from two differently-styled rooms when they arrive, which amongst other advantages gives you the opportunity to have a nose around rooms other than the one that you're staying in. Why don't more hotels think of this. The pool, with its views of the astonishing mountain scenery is a delight, as is the food and dining options, and the family team running the hotel display a rare passion and expertise. I can't encourage my readers enough to learn more and then go and see it for themselves.