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Titanic Apartments, Belfast


We had never tried airbnb before, but we were so lucky the first time that we tried it because we stayed at Trevor's amazing apartment in the Titanic Quarter in Belfast. The apartment was really beautiful, with two big bedrooms, very large windows, and a nice kitchen and two posh bathrooms. There were nice shops nearby and we had our own space to park.


There was a music system where if you pressed a switch, the music would come out of the ceiling??? We tried not to make too much noise and we never heard anybody else at all in the apartments around us.


We went for dinner at Thyme at the Premier Inn. It was sooo good and Estella had chicken wings for the first time! She tried Mao Mix too! We bought Titanic jewels from the Titanic exhibition.


Estella Roxie


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Thursday, 20 February 2020