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Travel Tips: Only Sports Gear and First Aid Equipment


Writing about vaccinations and anti-malarial neasures got me thinking about some of the other kit that you would want to consider when preparing for an adventure holiday. There's a fantastic site,, which manages to pull together many different travel necessities and much more into a single online retail experience.

For starters, there is a fabulous selection of first aid kits, including instant ice packs and the brilliant First Medi Junior Bag. You don't want to pessimistically overload your flight bags with such things but there's some stuff it's good to have to hand.

Browsing through the vast selection of gym aids and exercise kit feels like a work-out in itself (well, ok, almost!) I particularly like all the yoga mats and props, and the kids' footwear section. Cricket isn't my thing but even I couldn't help noticing how well-catered you are for it on the site.

What is the most indispensable piece of sports gear that you always travel with, featured on this site or anywhere else?

Phileas French

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Thursday, 20 February 2020