Villa dei Pini 1

I’ve just returned from an exceptional press trip to Sardinia, where I’ve learned so much about an incredible island’s history, anthropology, cuisine and bespoke travel options. There is plenty that I want to write but first of all I have to rave about one of the most extraordinary holiday homes that I have ever visited, Villa Dei Pini, part of The Sardinia Villa Collection, outside the charming capital city of Cagliari.

The first thing to say is that Villa Dei Pini is NOT your typical Italian villa rental, and in many ways all the better for it. Its stark facade, groovy Seventies lounge lizard vibe and entire floors dedicated to hedonistic fun zones for different generations, are as far away from terracotta tiles and cork ornaments as you can imagine. The look is high impact, bold, sexy and fun.  The tour of the property involved me emitting genuine shrieks of excitement at the unique bathroom decor, huge penthouse playroom, al fresco pizza oven and gorgeous private pool and gazebo. There is plenty to make you smile as you look around.

Witty and tongue-in-cheek the villa may be, but this doesn’t mask the quality of the space and facilities on offer. It comfortably sleeps ten people and three of the bedroom suites have their own living areas, which is an unusual and frankly brilliant option for several different couples or families wishing to stay there together without living in the sort of claustrophobic conditions that have always slightly put me off shared villa vacations.

There are flatscreen TVs in all the bedrooms, a laundry room, and more unusual selling points like an alfresco shower and even an office. The garden is simply lovely, and the surrounding area is an affluent residential district of rolling hills, manicured lawns, and blissful absence of tourist hordes, though the latter does not seem to be a Sardinian issue in general, to be fair.

The kitchen is staggering, and this is before you factor in that incredible pizza oven that I mentioned and the barbeque. There is absolutely everything you could need and possibly a bunch of stuff you won’t be using unless you go full Nigella/Marco on your villa breaks. The fridge is huge and there’s gorgeous breakfast area. Maybe my favourite part of the whole house, though, is the speakeasy-style basement, with its own kitchen, bar, and hangout zone. Teenagers could disappear in there and come out a fortnight later.

I’ve taken pictures of the property as you can see above, but you must visit the website to really get a sense of it.

Even better, book it and enjoy it for yourself with a group of friends or relatives for a rock star style vacation.