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Phileas French


I've been extremely fortunate to work with some of the leading names in travel as a writer and business associate, with a small sample of them below. I also enjoy great relationships with affiliates. Some of my exciting recent partnerships include work with Qatar Airways, Monarch Flights, Monarch Holidays, Santa's Lapland, Al Fresco Holidays and Red Letter Days.

I'm very happy to have a working relationship with a very special villa collection and bespoke holiday rental service, Passepartout Homes. The dynamic and highly-experienced founder, Paola, has assembled a wonderful, and growing, collection of homes and a very enviable global guest list. Do visit the website to find out more.


I have welcomed some wonderful new clients and sponsors in 2015, including, FG Property Management and the Radisson Blu Hotel Chain.

I'm delighted that Hospitality Directory has asked me to work with them again. I wrote a number of pieces for them, primarily about my travels in South Asia and the Indian Ocean, when they were known as Imperial Hospitality, and they have now published new work on my travel in Sri Lanka.

I host the Facebook page for Mystery Map, an ITV show that travelled across the UK seeking out our most compelling and often long-standing unsolved mysteries. Co-Presenters Julia Bradbury and Ben Shephard did a sterling job of addressing the mysteries with an open mind but also sophisticated analytical techniques, and even succeeded in solving some of them… Still, I was rather happy to see that some of the mysteries are resistant to any scientific or rational explanation. The Facebook page is a great place to share your own mystery stories and your reaction to some of the fascinating range of mysteries that Julia and Ben tackle. As a travel writer, I loved the combination of eerie, often beautiful corners of the UK. A wide audience enjoyed the incredible stories featured in Mystery Map, and that are soaked into our land.

I spent a fascinating 18 months as the Historic Traveller for the Historic Hotels of Europe. As their official external blogger and copywriter, I had the opportunity to explore some of their extensive portfolio of luxury properties in Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Greece and the UK. The Historic Hotels of Europe use the hashtag #astorytotell, and the ethos of the Historic Traveller very much chimes in with this, involving the seeking out of unusual narratives, cultural highlights. and all those quirks and unique touches which give a place its persona and “pastness”.

I was so excited to be one of the writers invited on the Wish Versilia Blog Tour in Italy. There was a fantastic group of travel writers, some good friends made, and the itinerary was superb. It's the brainchild of the peerless Serena Giovannoni, who I hope to work with on new projects in the future.