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Guest Post: Italy Augmented by Svetlana Trushnikova

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ITALY AUGMENTED – Italy Mobile Personal Assistant

Guest Post by Svetlana Trushnikova

Just like Phileas French, I often travel alone. When I first came to Italy, where I live now, I experienced many misunderstandings. Using my marketing background, I started 5 Sensi and with the support of the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce I created Italy AugmentedItaly Augmented is a free, easy, fast and accurate tri-lingual (Italian, English and Russian) Italy Guide for iOS and Android. It is incredibly useful for sourcing and locating Italy’s commercial and cultural highlights, as well as the events and bargains) of most interest and proximity to you.

Italy Augmented is useful to: FIND, FOLLOW and SHARE. Wherever you are, search by category and distance or city and you will find the best: shops, events, night life, restaurants, hotels, monuments, spas and more...

You can find a great utility in the App, inside Map tap, with My POI (+, top right), you can mark a Parking, a Hotel or other ten Personal POI and when you are far from them, you’ll always find the way back. Step by step, we’ll show in the Italy Augmented App excellence out of the borders of Italy, at first in Russia, my country, then USA, China and more.

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Quality is our target, and the deeper you travel in Italy, the more you’ll find great quality for a reasonable price. In Italy Augmented, we have enclosed our deep knowledge of Italy, its products, its particularity and diversity, to offer a unique and better perspective, especially on providers of premium and luxury goods and services quality. The Italy Augmented POI (Point of Interest) are selected by 5 Sensi with care, according to our quality criteria and information contained in the App. Everything is checked before publication. The App is based on Layar Augmented Reality Browser to enhance the perception of the reality observed. Italy Augmented  is available as a free download in AppStore or GooglePlay.

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With Emma and other writers, I joined the Versilia Blog Tour earlier this summer, and you can follow the Tour in Italy Augmented. For example, choose Lucca as city, Culture/Tour as category and 50 km in distance. Would you like Phileas to geo-locate her Tour, so you can follow her steps more easily?

See you in Italy

Svetlana Trushnikova

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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