I’m thrilled to publish this guest post from Anna Torres, who has developed a really innovative e-commerce site, Retaste Spain, which allows foreign tourists to “retaste” Spain, from home.

Retaste Spain logo

Retaste Spain, by Anna Torres

Retaste Spain believes that good things never come to an end if something reminds you of them. It allows tourists that have visited Spain to “retaste” Spanish gastronomy when they return home. The e-commerce website offers 13 tapas packs, that can be used by anyone, and provide all you need to prepare tapas at home without requiring cooking expertise. Furthermore, “Our Wine Cellar” contains 18 wines from all over Spain.

Retaste Spain is a young company created in March 2013 based on a funny idea and with the intention of letting the world know a little more about Spanish gastronomy.

Retaste Spain

Retaste Spain offers “tapas packs” for tourists who have visited Spain, containing all they need to savour the tastes, smells and sensations they had when eating in Spain. The packs are aimed at a public that may not necessarily have cooking expertise. The only requirement is wanting to have fun and enjoy the experience.

The “tapas packs” are sent in boxes with elaborate, fun packaging by carrier. Once they receive the package, customers are asked to share their new gastronomic experience by sending us their photographs and comments. The idea is that, on returning home from their visits to Spain, foreigners can retaste the flavors they liked, as a family, with friends, with the people with whom they spent time in our country, or with whomever they wish. They can then share this new experience with the Retaste community; whether they burnt their “tortilla española”, whether their paella was yummy or whether they enjoyed the wine.

Retaste Spain paella

Retaste Spain is excited about bringing fun to people. Our aim is to create long-lasting experiences, through innovation and change, by adding a touch of creativity and having fun. The excitement of sending a pinch of happiness with a few drops of madness!